WatsonKS at Internet Librarian 2016

WatsonKS IL2016 Workshop

Internet Librarian 2016

Workshop: Media Monitoring and Dashboards

Hey there folks, I am so exited to announce I’ll be doing a workshop, “Media: Monitoring Tools & Dashboards” at Internet Librarian in Monterey, California on Sunday Oct. 16th 1:30 PM to 4:30 PM.

  • How do you track what people are saying about your organization or community?
  • Or the industries you are following?
  • Or the new technology you are thinking about implementing?

Whether it’s for you or your clients, learn about monitoring the web for mentions or conversations that are of interest, as well as the advantage of joining in. Stay current, up-to-date, and on the pulse of what’s important to you and/or your clients by using free or inexpensive tools and dashboards.
To learn more about the workshop go to http://bit.ly/IL2016Workshop.
Direct registration, go to http://bit.ly/IL2016Reg

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