Social Media Autobots

Social Media Autobots,

I Hate Them

All right folks, let’s get real for a moment because I am going to have a heart-to-heart with y’all.

I am going to be blunt here, I hate social media autobots. Yup, I hate them, hate them with a passion. If I see you using them, I will call you out on it. I even highlighted this in a past Instagram post.

With that blunt statement now out of the way, some of you might be asking, what the bleep is a social media autobot? A social media autobot is automation software that can like and comment on social media posts and follow accounts, all on your behalf. This tactic is used by a shit-ton of accounts on Instagram. I’ll post something and about two thirds of the likes, the comments with emojis, responses that make no sense, and along with some of my new followers, are all the results of social media autobots.

Now you are probably wondering why I hate them. I hate them because it cheapens the experience of discovering content, discovering new accounts, and actually engaging with real people. Also, there is the massive risk of looking like an ass. For example, if someone posts about a family funeral and uses a hashtag for the city and that city hashtag is your autobot trigger to a comment response, like Awesome 😆. Well guess what, you look like an ass. And I’ve seen this example actually happen.

Some of you are probably wondering what spurred this post. Well, I saw it in a social media mastermind Facebook Group, someone asked for recommendations for social media autobots and people were chiming in with some products to use.

I swear to never ever use #SocialMedia autobots for fear of Ken Watson calling me out. Click To Tweet

To wrap things up, repeat after me, “I swear to never ever use social media autobots for fear of Ken Watson coming after me and calling me out.”

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