Facebook Search History

Facebook Search History

We are always trying to protect ourselves by clearing out browser history, cache and so forth. But did you know that Facebook is storing your Facebook search history in the activity log? Good news, this is only visible to you. Bad news, if you leave computer on, or anyone gains access to your computer, they can instantly find your search history. This can lead to embarrassing questions such as, Honey, why are you looking up “I Love Justin Bieber” pages?


Here is a quickstep process to avoid such questions.

  1. Go to your Timeline
  2. Click on Activity Log
  3. Click “Search” on left hand column (may have to click “More” to see it)
  4. Two options to clear you search results:
    1. Click “Clear Searches” which will clear out your search history
    2. Or you can delete individual search inquiries


While these search results are used to show you more relevant results with your Facebook use, it never hurts to be extra cautious. Knowing this searching history exists, may be beneficial in monitoring your kids Facebook activity or help keep you out of the “Dog House” by clearing certain data.


Love to hear your thoughts and take away.


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