Stop The Annoying Following Facebook Comments


Stop Posting The Annoying “Following” Comments To Facebook Posts

One of the most annoying things we see on Facebook is people posting “following,” or tagging themselves in the comments section of a post. People do this so they can get notifications and updates of the Facebook post as people comment on it.

Among the reasons we find it irritating is the fact that it’s so easily avoidable with a simple click. And it interrupts the flow of the conversation, especially after seeing several of them one right after the other in the comments section.

If you want to stay updated on a Facebook post, simply click the drop down arrow on the post and click on “Turn On Notifications.” Once you have selected the notifications option, you will be notified every time someone comments on the post. This notification option is available for both desktop and mobile platforms.

What are some things that annoy you on Facebook which could easily be fixed?


  • EightBelles­čÉÄ

    I find it annoying when someone types a friend’s name as a comment to tag them or notify them of the post, when they could just share the post to that person’s page.

  • Ken Watson

    No, the “Turn on Notifications” feature is strictly a user function. So if you use the feature on a post, the one who posted it will not know you are monitoring the post.

  • Bjfriese

    If I turn on notifications on a post, can anyone tell