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Ken Watson of Watsonks
Ken Watson, WatsonKS

The best place to start is with educational background. Ken Watson graduated in the fall of 2008 from the University of Houston’s Bauer College of Business with a bachelor’s in Business Management with a minor in Global Business Studies. While earning his bachelor’s, he received the Certificate of Entrepreneurialship, which helped fuel the fire to create his own business.

After Ken Watson graduated from the University of Houston’s Business School he soon discovered an interest in information research and analysis while working as an on demand service provider. Watson Knowledge Services, LLC, grew from that experience. While growing his business he quickly learned the importance of social media and its role to any new business. As Ken Watson built his social networking presence he developed a passion for this marketing tool. Thus he decided to merge his two passions, market research and analysis with social media. This transformed Watson Knowledge Services from a market research and analysis to a social media consultant company. Where Ken Watson now work with clients to help them gain the same knowledge that he gained and to help them harness the power of online marketing  for them and their business.

AIIP logo color w tag Member of the Association of Independent Information Professionals.

Currently serving of the board of directors as the Director of Digital Presence, 2015 – 2017.  Oversea online and technology operations, website, AIIP Blog, AIIP Connections quarterly newsletter, AIIP-l discussion list, and AIIP social media marketing.

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